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Sublimox Varroa Oxalic Acid Vaporiser 110V & 220V

One of the biggest advantages of the new vaporiser is the innovative temperature control system that makes the Sublimox vaporiser different from other models on the market.
Due to the precise temperature control system you avoid the oxalic acid turning into formic acid.

The vaporisation is more steady effective and much quicker than other models.

The vaporiser is also very easy to clean.

The Sublimox vaporiser can be used with oxalic acid crystalic (a small 2 gram measuring cup is included) or with oxalic acid tablets.

Connect the vaporiser to a 110V & 220V power source generator or an inverter and let it heat up for 8 - 10 minutes.
1g - 2g oxalic acid powder or one 1g oxalic acid tablet is placed in the oxalic acid cap that is included. The vaporiser is placed upside down onto the cap. The nozzle is placed in the entrance of the beehive and the vaporiser is turned right side up to start the process. The vaporisation process takes approximately 25 seconds.

•The vaporiser has a PID thermostat that controls the temperature and keeps it between 180ºC and 185ºC with a precision of 5ºC.
•Durable quality including stainless steel AISI 316
•Heating element with high effectiveness
•Quick treatment > 25 seconds per family
•Connects to a regular 110V & 220V power source generator or a car battery using an inverter (inverter and generator not included).
•Practical tool box for storage included
Used with oxalic acid powder or oxalic acid tablets. We recommend the use of oxalic acid tablets.

Power: 110V & 220V/300W/50-60 Hz
Demand for inverter: 300W/12V
Protection needed during use: safety mask gloves and goggles as always.
An instruction manual is included with recommendations for fitting safetymasks.

The evaporator tube is 6mm in diameter.
Please noted that:Due to the Covid-19 policy all protective selection products are not allowed to ship out via express. So safety shields gloves and goggles are not in the deliver list.

Composition of the device

The device includes:

-Sublimation device.

-3 Shapes of copper pipe.

-2g Plastic dosing spoons.

-4 Teflon caps for quick use and to avoid overheating during sublimation.

-Box for storage and transport.

-User manual.

-2 Kinds of brush for metal and nylon cleaning.